Kiaan – 6 Years
The German School, Nairobi

“There’s are a lot of positive changes in our son. He has really changed! Brain Training has helped Kiaan improve his attention span, attitude towards work and helps him stay calm. He can now sit for a lego play session upto 2.5 hours.This is remarkable for us as a family! His teachers at school have noticed positive differences in his behaviour and performance too. He has mellowed down and doesn’t disrupt lessons.

It’s brought out unexpected changes! He was shy, reserved and selective with his words before, now he won’t stop talking! You have been God sent. Thank you Brainnovation – I would highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to make a difference in their child’s life.”

AT – 9 Years
MSB Primary School

“Our son was very shy and insecure out himself. He was asked to repeat his year at school. After his course of training, we noticed positive transformations in many areas of his life. His handwriting improved, he was now ready to do his daily homework without tantrums. He even made so many friends due to his boost in confidence. His teachers at school observed how he asks more questions and participated actively. His results and test performances are much better than before. He has a long way to go and we are proud of him and grateful for the program.

Thank you Brainnovation!”
AT’s Parents

Farida – 13 Years
Al Jamea Tus Saifiyah – Talebaa

“I noticed that Farida is now a lot more confident and believes in herself. She gets her work done much faster and there’s a lot of change in her attitude to wards her academic work. Challenging tasks are not a worry factor. In fact she assured me she will do it. I’m really happy we found you and enrolled her into this program. She even seems happier as a person! I’m sure these skills will help her along way into her life.”
Farida’s Mom

 “We appreciated the time and energy the trainer put into helping our daughter improve. The trainer understood our daughter’s limitations and helped her work at her level and yet challenged her to improve.”
Ashlie Van
 “Yara has improved in all her skills after brain training with Brainnovation. She is more mature and responsible. She knows what she wants and can maintain her focus to complete what she has started. Her writing and comprehension skills have improved a lot and she can now write longer and more complex sentences. She has become much more confident and independent. I am very happy with her results and would like her to come back for a booster program in September for more and more improvements.”
Yara’s Mom

We call it brain training. Our clients (and their families) call it life changing.

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